Australian Fiancee Visas (Prospective Marriage Visas) lodged in Philippines   

It’s also been a while since Down Under Visa did a BLOG post on Prospective Marriage Visas (aka Fiancee Visas, Fiance Visas or PMV’s). We’re getting back to basics, as many of our readers may be new.

To apply for a Prospective Marriage Visa you must be engaged to be married to an Australian Citizen, Australian Permanent Resident, or Eligible New Zealand Citizen.


A Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visa is a temporary visa that is valid for nine months from the date of the visa grant. If an Australian Prospective Marriage Visa is granted, the applicant must enter Australia and marry the sponsor, ie the Australian spouse-to-be within that nine month period. You can then apply for an onshore Partner Visa when you are in Australia and married so the applicant can stay.

If you are already married, or are intending to marry your fiancé/fiancée before they enter Australia, or if you have been living in a de facto (“live-in”) relationship with your fiancé for over twelve months and can prove it, then you should apply for a Partner Visa instead.

After the marriage you need to lodge an application in Australia for a Temporary Partner Visa.

You must ensure that you have made your initial entry to Australia on your Prospective Marriage visa:

  • by the date on the visa grant
  • before you marry your fiancé
  • before the visa expires at the end of nine months

Whilst most couples marry in Australia, you can marry either inside or outside Australia provided you have entered Australia on the Prospective Marriage Visa first before the actual marriage takes place.


Now, why would you apply for a Prospective Marriage Visa and not a Partner Visa?

You would do this if you want to marry in Australia later, then this is the way to go. Marriage in the Philippines requires a fair bit of time, and in this day and age where few can get four weeks holiday in one go, this is often more convenient. Please read THIS for more information on this, so you can make an informed choice.

  • The applicant must be inside Philippines (ie. outside of Australia) when we lodge the fiancée visa (prospective marriage visa) application, and;
  • Outside of Australia when the prospective marriage visa is granted.

Please go to the website, which is and fill in the FREE Visa Assessment Form.


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