Department adds credit card fees to visa applications

DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) has introduced credit card fees effective now.

What it means is this:

Despite how you pay us (Down Under Visa), we pay the Department via credit card. This is how payments are made. They have no bank transfers or EFTPOS systems in place. We pay your Visa Application Charge via credit card, and they will now be imposing a credit card surcharge on those payments. 

The surcharge rate is 1.08%. So fortunately it’s not that high.

For tourist visa applications, nothing will change. It’s too small an amount to collect.

However for other Visa Application Charges such as the $3,085.00 for partner visas and prospective marriage visas, yes we will be passing this on. We have no choice.

So for those who have no paid yet, expect a $33.32 charge on top.


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