Australian visa types summary

I had this comment from a previous client the other day when I was asking about topics of interest:

 Perhaps an “in your words” summary of the different visa types e.g. subclass… (partner, tourist and family options only) and what each one is for etc. The most important part is the “in your words” vs what is already out there. With examples e.g. application for fiancee vs spouse vs defacto visa, use of a tourist visa in process, dependent children (inc. how is and isn’t dependent)….

It sounded like a good idea, so it’s been done already. I had a “spare” domain I wasn’t using properly, so I put a website on there. It’s a summary on the do’s and don’t’s of:

  • Partner visas
  • Prospective marriage visas
  • Tourist visas
  • Child visas

I’ll add a couple of additional visa types, ie. NZ Family Relationship Visas and Citizenship By Descent……soon.


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