That long long wait for an Australian Partner Visa!

I had somebody tell me recently that they felt the response from Down Under Visa after the visa application was lodged was a little “cold”.

Very sorry we would ever give that impression. It’s difficult when there is no feedback at all from the Department (Australian Embassy in Manila), and we simply can’t give any sort of warm and comforting answer that contains any truth. I’m a straight-shooter from way back, and I expect the same from Mila and Jeremy. We tell it like it is.

And what is the way it is? It’s a long wait, and you’re kept in the dark just as we are. And anybody who tells you otherwise is lying to you!

Fortunately most of our clients seem to understand, and we get far more thanking us for our patience and for always being there. We try to prepare everyone for the reality of the situation, plus I think most of them realise that we won’t submit poor applications. If it’s not up to scratch, we’ll give you a hard time until we get all that we need. We know what we’re doing. We’ve had occasions where we’ve put our foot down and our clients have ended up delaying the application for up to 6 months so they can gather some proper evidence.

We take what we do very seriously, because we care very deeply about the outcome. This IS a vocation for us. We were always motivated by the desire to help couples, and it’s that sincerity and genuineness which is what allowed us to make a successful business out of it. The clients always come first, and our unofficial motto is “never let a client down”!

In fact Mila and I usually squabble about who gets to let the client know the good news! It’s the highlight of our day when visa grants come through. Best feeling in the world!


Just a bit of feedback for you on how long  the process has been taking from partner visa (prospective marriage visas aka fiancée visas, and partner visas aka spouse visas) grants this year of 2014 (based on the last 6 we had come through in the last few weeks).

7.66 months average processing time!

I could go back and check on all of them, but it’s been a long day and I could do with a break. Plus I’m sure they’re much the same.

Keep in mind though that 7.66 is an average! If your application has taken 7.67 months, it’s NOT a sign that all is lost. The longest of those 6 grants was 10 months, and the quickest was 4 months! It’s a wide bell-curve! So keep being patient.


So to those of you who are waiting on visa grants?

  1. We care!
  2.  We have no news to tell you, and we generally won’t until the grant comes through!
  3.  We wouldn’t have lodged your application if we weren’t confident, ie WE are not worried about the outcome!
  4. If we DID spend our time sending you hollow updates based on no news, we would be letting down those newer clients who needed our full attention. We need to prepare THEIR applications as meticulously as we prepared yours. Yours is done and the problems are already ironed-out.
  5. And one day hopefully you will look back on the whole experience (when the fear and worry are just a distant memory) and you will see that we were with you all the way!


Best regards to all!


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5 responses to “That long long wait for an Australian Partner Visa!

  1. michael english

    Personally I would send to those waiting on a visa something such as small article on life with a Filipina, procedures or some news item, travel tip or something on a fortnightly basis as a “reminder” we are there and thinking of you. I am glad our visa is well and truly over. We have some friends who are on the visa merry go round as they used a less than reputable agency that shall remain nameless after trying to it themselves. Cheers.

    • Hello Michael. Yes, we’re actually intending to concentrate regular BLOG articles on those who are waiting for just that purpose. We can’t do it individually, because we have so many. We could employ a new staff member just for this task! Clients already tell us that the regular BLOG articles do help them, so we intend to keep this up.

      Sorry to hear about your friends. There are far too many of these less-than-reputable-and-nameless agencies. It’s very easy to provide a cheap service if you do no work!

      • Imelda& Ricky

        hi jeff Imelda & Ricky,
        its obvious to us that what you have written is 100% correct and yes basicly 99.9% of our contract with you is complete. I agree that when it was necessary you gave us your full attention but know this is out of your hands. What i would like to say to those that are all anxiously waiting as Imelda & i are please let Jeff and his team focus the energy on the new clients, as they are important too.
        Jeff thank you very much for the efforts you gave us.
        Regards Imelda & Ricky

  2. Wayne

    I have heard that some people can wait up to 2 years maximum so 7 months is not so bad.

  3. Frank Walters

    I agree with Ricky as we waited for a Tourist Visa too and we sweated on it as it was Christmas but we recieved it on time and we were Happy Chappies. So people just hang in there, Jeff and Mila do a great job and then it’s out of their hands into Immigration. Thanks Jeff and Mila.
    Cassie ans Frankie

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