An enthusiastic recommendation from a Down Under Visa client

Jeff ,

After reading your BLOG, I thought I’d like to contribute with your permission about my personal experience, about using the right agent as opposed to using agents that might necessarily be cheaper, or who are more geared towards getting fees rather than getting the right result

As you are aware you are in the process of obtaining a visa for my wife. When I first contacted your office, I was in the midst of arranging all the information with a local Australian Registered Migration Agent.

I had already spend a significant amount (nearly what totals your fee) on him preparing all the documentation, meetings and filling out forms, I was given forms to fill out and send back to my agent, however as this was such an important process for me, I started to doubt whether my migration agent really cared. He was quick with an invoice but was more just focused on filling out the paper work without verifying the contents .

He presented me with my application and stated it was ready for submission. All that I needed to do was to take it to Makati and submit it. I sensed that something was not right. I asked him questions that he gave me vague answers on and deep down I felt I really needed a second opinion.

I took the file to Down Under Visa and said it was ready to submit, and all you need to do is take over the file.

I was amazed at the amount of information that was missing, the amount of information that my migration agent had told me was not required, and that you had advised me was.

More importantly as soon as I appointed Down under Visa, I really felt part of the Down Under Visa family, as my wife was back in the province, Mila was an excellent help in explaining the right documentation that was required and to have a Tagalog speaking person in your company that can talk to not only my wife but to the people that had to write documents was invaluable.

My previous migration agent told me I would be lucky to get a three month tourist visa for my wife,  while we were waiting for her partner visa, however after two weeks of Down Under Visa lodging my application a 12 month multiple entry visa was issued.

Not only that whilst we were collating information, the team at Down Under Visa more importantly yourself and Jeremy, replied to emails promptly and genuinely cared about us, so much so that I feel that we started as clients and now are considered as friends.

I read your BLOG and being in the process of the application I don’t seem to think people realize the benefit of working with Down Under Visa. In my work I am in the investment game, and I can honestly say that the best investment that I have made is appointing you guys, regardless of the outcome of my wife’s application I can honestly say that you would be raving mad to try and do this yourself, more importantly the value of having an agent on the ground in the Philippines that knows the process you can’t put a price on.

That’s my two cents worth feel free to publish this on your blog, as I keep reading it and keep thinking to myself, people just don’t seem to understand your value.


Rodney Prestia


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5 responses to “An enthusiastic recommendation from a Down Under Visa client

  1. I have no doubt at all that Rodney’s wife’s partner visa application will be granted. We’re very thorough, and they followed our instructions to the letter.

    Rodney has VERY kindly offered that he would be happy for any prospective clients to email him personally if they are still not sure about dealing with Down Under Visa. If you would like to (this is to save him being SPAMMED, which would happen if we put his email up here!), please contact me ( and I’ll give you his email address.

  2. Ian Hulbert

    I agree 100% Rodney.
    Thank you for posting.
    My wife is with me in Australia now and encourage you to enjoy the light at the end of the tunnel.
    I would highly recommend reading their website about Filipina wives too; very helpful. (Jeff, please add the link).

  3. rodney prestia

    If you have any doubts about down under visas credibility or ability i urge you to ask Jeff for my email details and i would be happy to even supply my phone number to speak to anyone directly

  4. john caroll

    That’s a sure Rodney. We used Down Under Visa ourslves. Couldn’t have been happier with Jeff’s services and eye for detail. Be mre than happy to speak to anyone considering using Down Under Visa.

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