1 September 2013 fee increases and visa applications

Visa Application Charges for Australian Partner Visas and Australian Family Visas are rising on 1 September 2013, and most of you would already know from the POST the other day.

We will endeavour to get all the READY applications out before that date, as we said. But please:

  1. Help us to make this happen by getting everything to us in plenty of time, and
  2. Please understand that we can’t lodge applications the same day that the last requirement is received or the day the forms are signed.
  • At Down Under Visa I prepare all applications personally. It’s not a job for administrative staff.
  • Each application requires checking and re-checking of forms, documents and relationship evidence. Each application also requires a legal submission to be written by me.
  • At the same time, we still have clients needing help with their own cases, which means you do not have our sole attention. You would not like it if we ignored your needs, and nor do our other clients.

I’ll be trying to concentrate for the rest of August in completing the ready applications.

Remember that it’s more fun in the Philippines, which means things can go wrong too. Over the last week and a half we had:

  • The internet dying for a few days.
  • The Skype network being overused, therefore we had calls dropping out while we tried to pay the DIAC visa application charges over the phone.
  • And a typhoon yesterday making a trip into Manila potentially hazardous.

So please bear with us. We’re always doing our best, which is why I have permanent bags under my eyes from lack of sleep!


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4 responses to “1 September 2013 fee increases and visa applications

  1. Bill

    Wow that bad Jeff, ill send over a stress ball for you mate. Its Good to see your keeping busy mate, more visas applications more bathe better mate. Take care Jeff

  2. Bill

    I’m actually doing one for you Jeff, I started it yesterday, its lengthy I will just go over it and review before I send it mate..

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