Australian Visa Application Charges increase again 1 September 2013

Yes, DIAC have done it again. Revenue-raising at its best! Partner visas in particular are made up of captive audiences who really have no choice.

Please note that there is NOTHING we can do about this. This affects previous quotes, and it affects existing applications which haven’t been lodged yet and which will be lodged after 1 September 2013.


OK, here they are:

Partner Visas

Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visa     $3,085.00

Subclass 309 Partner Visa (offshore)            $3,085.00

*Subclass 820/801 Partner Visa                    $1,145.00 *(onshore) for Subclass 300 holders

Secondary applicants (dependent children) included

Secondary applicants under 18                          $770.00

Secondary applicants over 18                             $1,545.00


Other family visas

Subclass 445 Dependent Child Visa                $2,370.00

Subclass 101 Child Visa (offshore)                   $2,370.00

Subclass 461 NZ Citizen Family Visa                 $325.00


Tourist visas

Tourist visas no change in fees

It’s expensive, however it’s just plain ol’ reality now. Are you going to break up your relationship and continue being alone because of the cost? Not likely! And in my view it’s even more sound reasoning to get professional help with your application. Apart from adding a year or more to being apart, it’s a lot of money to risk. Use a Registered Migration Agent!


And for our existing clients?

Don’t ask us to lodge applications that are not ready in order to save a few bucks. And don’t expect us to be able to do anything at the very last minute. We will do our absolute best, but there are only a certain number of hours in the day.

And note that Down Under Visa’s professional fees are NOT increasing, nor will we charge extra for including dependent children. We will never charge extra for children.


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4 responses to “Australian Visa Application Charges increase again 1 September 2013

  1. David

    Think it about time, Immigration reduced the cost for those using an ARMA, seeing as most of the work is already done for them and the application will not require much work for them.

  2. i spoke with immigration just now and they said that the visa fees MAY increase and that it wasnt definate

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