Condition 8503 – No Further Stay

Condition 8503!

Practically every Subclass 600 Tourist Visa to Australia from Philippines will have this condition on it. If you don’t believe me, look at your visa grant letter. In the days of visa stickers (and when the visa was called a Subclass 676 Tourist Visa), it would be displayed on the sticker itself. Nowadays with visa grant letters, you will see:

8101 – NO WORK

The last item is what we’re talking about. 8503 – NO FURTHER STAY

What this means is that the applicant cannot apply for another visa while she’s in Australia. If she wants another visa, she must leave the country first.

And let me make this crystal clear. There is no such thing as “an extension” to a tourist visa. To stay longer means getting another visa, ie. a brand new tourist visa application. And if there’s a Condition 8503 limitation on the visa, then you cannot apply for another tourist visa inside Australia. The applicant must leave the country and apply again. She cannot stay.

What this means is that if you had any thoughts of bypassing the long wait and applying for a PARTNER VISA in Australia, it won’t work! This is why the Condition 8503 is applied in the first place, ie. to avoid “queue jumpers”. DIAC has an intense dislike of people playing the system and trying to use visas for purposes other than what they were designed for, and this is why they put this Condition 8503 on visas grants from countries like Philippines. So if this was your plan, think again!

Are there any exceptions? Can the Condition 8503 be waived?

Yes, in some circumstances where you have compelling and compassionate circumstances we may apply for a waiver. We at Down Under Visa have a good track record of applying for successful waivers, however we don’t waste peoples time and money. If it has a poor chance of being successful, we will tell you. Please feel free to discuss this with us if you think your situation may warrant a waiver.

And no, you cannot request a visa WITHOUT a Condition 8503.

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